About Me

I currently work in Herefordshire on the English-Welsh Borders. I have previously lived and worked in London, Essex, North Yorkshire and Scotland and have tutored art courses in the UK, Europe and the USA. My art is often inspired by poetry, historical events, archetypes and the tradition of creating forms for symbolic use in different cultures throughout history.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

My current work

The forms that I am currently using have been honed down into smaller scale reliefs and sculpture.

The idea of depicting a landscape or event/vista through an aperture in a building can give the viewer a more intimate aspect to focus upon; these works are associated with a response to a captured moment or a spontaneous summary of feelings for an environment.

In one way it is a restriction (of a view) in another it can open up the imagination as disparate components come together sometimes in an unexpected manner.

The effects of light upon reliefs and sculpture, the changes in colour and created and shifting shadows have always been a considered element in my work, as has been a hint of the surreal. The latter often inspired by poetry.

The materials of wood, clay, metal, paint and found objects have all been a feature of work made and exhibited in the last decade.